Timberstar's Frequently Asked Questions

Who designs your printers?

The original printer was designed by the Wiebe brothers' father, Peter Wiebe in 1983. Today's newer and faster printers are designed by Jake Wiebe and John Wiebe.

How does Timberstar raise the lumber printing machine standards?

  • Timberstar believes that a sawmill's productivity should not be limited by the capabilities of their lumber printing machine.
  • They have invested over 30 years into developing the best machines in the industry.
  • Timberstar's international reputation was built through their ability to provide unique custom solutions for any client in the lumber industry.
  • At Timberstar, one of their main goals has always been to increase the profitability and the productivity for their clients using the latest advancements in lumber marking technology.
  • Timberstar caries a full stock of printer parts and assemblies to support all their machines
  • Meticulous care and attention to detail goes into every machine designed by Timberstar, ensuring high-speed, trouble-free printers.
  • Timberstar is an innovative design and machine manufacturing company who encourages clients to bring forward their challenges so they can find solutions for each of their clients' specific requirements. 
  • The team at Timberstar looks forward to finding the best technical and mechanical solutions.
  • Their custom "no touch" ink recharging system eliminates the production down time during the re-inking process 

Why are ours the best?

Timberstar Manufacturing Ltd. takes pride in building the best solution for any lumber marking, or custom printing challenges their clients bring to them. 

  • Their clients' smallest problems immediately becomes Timberstar's biggest concern
  • Their international customer base inspires design improvements on a regular basis
  • Each sales and design associate actively participates on the production floor helping to insure a high standard of quality
  • Each representative that any clients speak with will have a full background in machine manufacturing and saw mill production
  • Their machinery is engineered to maximize ease-of-use, simplicity, strength, and economic return for the end user.
  • Timberstar is unparalleled on-location support available to all their installations.
  • Every Timberstar printer includes a simple stamp changing system
  • We have eliminated unwanted stamp detachment, a problem common among other machines found in the marketplace.
  • Additional design considerations include:
    • Accessibility and simplified maintenance for all installations
    • Unique "no-touch" ink process allowing clean and efficient ink recharging without any down-time.
    • Four times the printing speed that any other industry machines, which results in greater productivity and cost efficiency
    • Timberstar's engineered 'floating head' design protects the machine and all components from being damaged by skewed lumber

Savings in maintenance and operation alone have been proven to pay for the machine in just 18 months

Who buys our lumber printers?

  • Saw mill plant managers who are frustrated with expensive lumber printer malfunctions
  • Mills who have experienced a large amount of lumber being rejected because of blurred or illegible stamps. Timberstar's stamps are clear and easy to read.
  • Operations managers looking to decrease downtime
  • Companies who are looking for a long term solution
  • Timberstar offers 3 generations of experience in the lumber printing industry. See our accolades section for testimonials and awards.

Where are our printer machines successful?

We have supplied innovative machine solutions to companies internationally from Gaziantep, Turkey to Rotorua, New Zealand to Toronto, Canada!