Timberstar has been designing and manufacturing innovative lumber marking machines for over 30 years. 

The quality, low initial cost, and reduction in printing costs, make a Timberstar machine the clear choice for all your printing requirements.



End Printer


  • 180 lugs per minute
  • Clear dark printing
  • Clean ink application
  • Fast payback

Grade Printer

Make every pallet or board you produce a billboard. With a lower initial investment and lower operation cost, the Timberstar Grade printer ensures a big return. 



  • Clean, clear application 
  • Lowest maintenance in the industry
  • Reduce printing costs by up to 300%
  • Custom design to fit your operation with as many print heads as needed, whether that is the top, sides, bottom, or all three.
  • Easy adjustment on each individual head
  • Low air pressure on the stamp wheel extends the life of the stamp and also cushions irregular surfaces
  • Quick change stamp clamp system
  • New and improved ink application cuts costs 200-300% over pre-inked rolls 
  • Floating ski mount system allows skewed lumber to pass underneath without damaging the printer
  • High quality, and excellent service


  • Printers are completely assembled and tested before shipping 
  • Metal components are laser cut for precision fit
  • Air valves and air cylinders are NFPA compliant
  • Air valves are available at custom voltages 
  • All sprockets have hardened teeth to ensure longer life
  • Quality CNC machined components are used throughout