Three Generations of Innovation

Brothers Jake Wiebe and John Wiebe, together with their father Peter Wiebe, incorporated Timberstar Manufacturing Ltd in 1986. The Wiebe brothers are the 3rd generation of innovators in machinery.

John and Jake had their first exposure to metal working in their grandpa's blacksmith shop. By the ages of 5 and 6, these two resourceful young men had already discovered how to make sparks with Grandpa's screwdrivers on his grinder. After a cooling off period Grandpa eventually let them back in to his workshop - under heavy supervision.

This inventive ingenuity continued to help the Wiebe brothers diversify and create many different types of printing machinery as prescribed by an ever changing and diversifying wood and panel component, lumber industry.

This creative ability and over 30 years of experience combined with their dedication to customer service, has allowed them to build a dedicated International client base with over 300 machines sold around the globe.

Today, Timberstar Manufacturing Ltd. produces a number of printing systems each week and these machines have been shipped around the world from Gaziantep, Turkey to Toronto, Canada.

"Our goal at Timberstar Manufacturing Ltd. is to design products that will out perform your expectations! Everything we build has to be simple in design, easy to maintain, and long lasting in real life applications."

Jake and John Wiebe don't stop at building machines that produce quality results. Dedication to efficient operations has this team designing systems that make their client's work day easier and safer, with their specialty tools, while offering increased efficiency with other problem solving designs, such as their patented liquid ink design. This dedication has enabled them to create many cost cutting innovations that keep the production line running.

" We took out our old ink jet system and installed a Timberstar ink system. What used to be a constant problem of downtime is now a non-issue!"

Don Soderlon,
Fort St. James, BC

We are confident that you will appreciate the quality and design of Timberstar Manufacturing Ltd.'s line of products and services.